Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV is the fourth instalment in the Saints Row series which are Grand Theft Auto’s biggest rival. Volition brings us another sandbox full of gangsters and craziness. Saints Row IV directly continues the third part. Its story starts exactly when the previous one ended. The evil alien Zinyak is preparing his scary armada for an invasion on earth. He wants to control the planet in order to get its gold and women.

Only the Third Street Saints gang can stop him. That is why the evil general decided to imprison the player, the gangs leader, in a virtual simulation of the city of Steelport, all in order to guarantee that he can win. The virtual location is strikingly similar to the real one, but it is projected specifically so as to make our character a slave. Steelport is not the only place imagined there for our use, we also visit a typical American city from the 50’s, an enormous spaceship and even the inside of a computer program. The campaign is very develop and it includes a rich set of missions, both those revolving around the main story arc and side quests. The game is generally similar to the previous ones, but thanks to being inside of a virtual reality, our hero possesses a set of fun superpowers like inhumane strength and speed and the ability to perform super jumps.

This changes the possibilities and makes the gameplay much more diversified and fun than it used to be. Now the game is even more enjoyable and the destruction grand and omnipresent. The game is also full of stupid, immature jokes and idiotic missions. Let me know if you find anything serious in Saints Row IV! The weapons are absolutely illogical but that’s the best part of the game. Nothing can compete with Grand Theft Auto in terms of quality, but Saints Row series managed to find its niche in the fans of humor without ambitions and paradoxes.

  • Developer: Volition, Inc.
  • Publisher: Deep Silver, Spike Chunsoft (Japan)
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

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Latest Saints Row IV News

Saints Row IV Preview With Interview

At E3 this year Gamers Heroes was lucky enough to go through a Saints Row IV metal detector and see the game running behind closed doors. Afterwards we got to sit down with the lead systems…

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Saints Row IV Videos

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Saints Row IV Guides

Saints Row IV Guide Collection

Welcome to Steelport! With Gamers Heroes Saints Row IV guide collection, you will be on your way to taking down Zinyak and becoming more OP than ever

Saints Row IV Guide – Kinzie Loyalty Mission Guide

Kinzie’s Loyalty Mission “Loyalty – The Girl Who Beat Cyrus” will be available after the mission “Hello Teacup” in the story mode. Go to the Menu and choose “Finish Off Cyrus.”

Saints Row IV Guide – Matt Miller Loyalty Mission Guide

Want Matt Miller to be your Super Homie in Saints Row IV? Follow Gamers Heroes’ guide for the Matt Miller Loyalty Mission and you can add this dude to your crew

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Saints Row IV Review

Saints Row IV Review

We’ve all asked ourselves what we would do if we had superpowers. We’d use them to fly, to become rich, to save the day…but who in their right mind would use them to punt a pedestrian or commit insurance fraud?

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Saints Row IV Screenshots & Gallery

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