The Order: 1886

The Order 1886
The Order: 1886 is an action game set in a steam punk world. It is being worked on by Ready at Dawn, the studio that has published two critically acclaimed God of War games for PlayStation Portable, and by Sony Santa Monica. The story mode is set in an alternative, steam punk version of Victorian era. It is very different from what we know from history books due to two crucial events that had an enormous effect on the shape of the world. The first happened hundreds of years before the game actually takes place: a small percent of people began to undergo bizarre mutations that made them acquire monster-like traits. Eventually, there was a war between normal people and mutants. The Order, based on the Knights of the Round Table, helped humans survive. Its members use Black Water, an extraordinary mixture that heals their wounds and slows down their aging process. Thanks to that, those who belong to the Order can go on with their missions during centuries. The second even was the technological revolution based on the innovative use of steam engines.

After centuries of experimenting with ideas better or worse, when the game actually begins, the humankind can begin an efficient counterattack and try to defeat the mutants. In the campaign the player can control sir Galahad, the most famous knight of the Order, who is beginning to get tired of a long and exhausting life full of constant fighting. All his adventures take place in very well planned London. It is highly detailed and many characteristic buildings can be recognized, so The Order: 1886 will be a treat for the British. Many of them are even placed in the exact same locations that in real life. The game is played from third person perspective, with typical, linear level layout. We get to shoot a lot using varied kinds of weapons.

Sir Galahad is able to take cover just like the soldiers from Gears of War. An interesting addition are the quick time events in which our character can try and avoid an attack or use a piece of the environment as a weapon. Some cut scenes in the game are also interactive: they let us control Galahad, sometimes even shoot at others. The game is full of interesting weapons which seem to be realistic, but at the same time possess many untypical additions. The graphics can only be praised. Ready at Dawn must have focused greatly on capturing important details, delivering a product that must be admired.

  • Developer: Ready at Dawn, SCE Santa Monica Studio
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Play Station 4

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