Total War: Attila

Total War Attila
Total War: Attila is the ninth standalone game in the Total War franchise, and like Napoleon: Total War before it, is focused on the exploits of a single character: Attila, leader of the Huns. The game begins in 395 AD, at the cusp of the Dark Ages. Attila is not yet in power of the Huns, but will soon be able to become the leader of the Huns. Meanwhile, the Roman Empire has descended into chaos and uncertainty, and a prophecy foretells the ‘scourge’ that will soon sweep Europe. The Empire is divided into two: with Honorius controlling the Western Roman Empire while Arcadius controls the East. Players can choose to play as the Western Roman Empire, in which case the player will have to deal with waves of barbarian hordes attempting to invade and pillage the borders of the Roman Empire. The Eastern Roman Empire, meanwhile, has transformed into an economic powerhouse.

The campaign map for the game this time stretches from Bactria to Lusitania and from Caledonia to Garamantia. Like with Total War: Rome II, provinces are divided into regions, with each region being independently conquerable. Unlike Total War: Rome II’s map, which stretched into the Hindu Kush, Total War: Attila‘s map stretches into modern-day Russia to depict the nomadic Huns and their impending invasion of Europe. Total War: Attila brings an emphasis on religion, as the religion the player chooses for their empire can bring about a range of benefits and bonuses for them. The game features a total of 13 religions made available throughout the campaign map, including several kinds of Christianity and Paganism, as well as Tengri religion and Zoroastrianism.

A new feature introduced in the game is the ability to raze settlements that they’ve conquered, allowing players to enact a Scorched Earth policy, crippling the enemy’s supply of food and money. If the player chooses a non-horde faction, the player can later choose to have the faction abandon its settlements or burn them, earning a small amount of wealth to the treasury. Furthermore, as in real-life history, a mini Ice Age forced the peoples of Northern Europe to move south, with the winter cold engulfing Europe as the game progresses. Another new feature to the game is the addition of Fertility levels to regions: which plays an important role for hordes looking to settle in regions, as well as for non-horde factions looking to expand and develop their empire.

The game features 56 factions, of which 10 are playable at launch. As in previous Total War games, each faction has its own roster of units and agenda, and their own role to play in the greater geopolitics of Europe and the Mediterranean.

  • Developer: The Creative Assembly
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Price:
  • Platforms: PC

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