Total War: Rome 2

Total War Rome 2

Total War: Rome II is another game from the critically acclaimed Total War series belonging to a British studio called Creative Assembly. The experienced team of developers have also created all the previous installments including Shogun, Medieval and Empire. Now, after their last affair with the Japanese shoguns, they let us come back to Rome: Total War: Rome II is already the second time we get to control Roman legions. In the game, we control the leader of a nation of our choice (it can, but does not have to be Rome itself) in order to fight for territorial domination and power. In an open campaign based on a system of turns we can choose how we want to rule and conquer rival provinces in order to expand our own territory. We have centuries to bring fame to our name, with the game beginning with the year of the Republic of Rome’s coming into being. The area featured in the game is divided into hundreds of small regions grouped into bigger provinces. Each region needs to be separately conquered, but it is administered together with others as a part of one single province. Thanks to this, the player doesn’t have to focus on every tiny fragment of the map, instead simply controlling bigger areas.

As usual in the Total War series, we can personally lead our army to the victory, controlling the troops in real time. We can use our fleet together with regular soldiers. Battles are very diverse and they can begin in different ways like for example a beach landing. We also get new siege machine to use. As the general, we can move camera however we like which enables us to both admire our soldiers or get into a more tactical view. Cities are so big that holding the central square is not enough. We have to control the fights in various districts in order to capture them all. In Total War: Rome II Warscape engine, a modernized graphic engine was used. Battles are highly detailed: we can even observe the battlefield from behind a soldier’s back. All the cities are meticulously planned with architecture appropriate for the specific nation.

Players can also engage in multiplayer mode, fighting for dominance with alive opponents from all around the globe

  • Developer: The Creative Assembly
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Genre: Turn-based strategy
  • Price:
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux

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Total War: Rome 2 Guides

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Total War: Rome 2 Review

Total War: Rome 2 Review

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Total War: Rome 2 Screenshots & Gallery

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