Vergecore Interactive Giveaway – Free Games The More You Play

 Vergecore Interactive
Gamers Heroes are proud to announce a new partnership with a brand new digital gaming service, Vergecore Interactive. Presenting a fresh and growing portfolio of games ranging diversely in genre and style, Vergecore Interactive is an ever-growing international publisher and distributor of highly immersive, premier PC, browser, and mobile games. Providing gamers with a compelling platform featuring the highest-quality free-to-play and pay-to-play titles, Vergecore is committed to providing unparalleled, multi-platform gaming experiences.

Check this out heroes! This new partnership not only gives you the opportunity to get 50% off their entire gaming arsenal for the next two weeks, but you can also get 1,500 VergeCoins, the virtual currency that users can earn via completing achievements and games that in-turn can be used to purchase brand new title. So when you visit the website, engage with the community or play certain games, you’re being rewarded with a virtual currency that can be used to get the latest releases on Vergecore Interactive. Finally, get real rewards for doing what you love the most! Imagine a combination of Raptr, IndieCity and Steam, and you’re not far off the service provided by Vergcore Interactive.

You can use both the codes in the below images to get both the 50% off discount and the free 1,500 VergeCoins. Then simply head on over to the official website to redeem your code.