20 Minutes Of Multiplayer Gameplay From Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Official Gameplay Reveal
Much of EA’s E3 Conference this year was dominated by Star Wars Battlefront 2. Alongside the official reveal trailer the team at Dice and EA also showed nearly 20 minutes of multiplayer gameplay. Recorded during the live conference the video features various personalities colliding alongside voice-over commentary providing additional details on the units, weapons, characters and features displayed in the video.

Included in the near 20 minutes of footage is the new character progression system, featuring a more traditional class-based approached to character selection. Several heroes, special units and other elements of the new reward system also make an appearance. The new Battle Points system rewards players points for killing other players, aiding allies and completing objectives. These can be spend on accessing vehicles, summoning heroes and changing to special characters – removing the frustrating and dull token system used in Star Wars Battlefront.

Check out the full video of the multiplayer combat below.

Source: EA’s E3 Conference