2K Highlight New Creation Suite & Controls For Upocming Next-Gen Release Of WWE 2K15

WWE 2k15 News
Following the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 launch of WWE 2K15, developers 2K recently released a series of assets and a video highlighting changes to the character creation tool, the Superstar Studio, and the games control system. Visual Concepts Art Director Lynell Jinks delivers an in-depth look at the feature set of WWE 2K15’s Creation Suite, showcasing many of the new features and providing an explanation on the removing of certain elements from previous iterations. Ultimately the developers hope that the new additions to the Creation Suite will help to provide the most customizable WWE experience to date. Players will have complete control over the creation of the WWE superstars, managing every aspect from ring attire to custom designs and logos – keeping the experience fresh and authentic.

Check out the new screenshots and images from WWE 2K15’s Creation Suite below:

  • WWE-2K15-Creation-Suite-Screenshot-2.jpg
  • WWE-2K15-Creation-Suite-Screenshot-3.jpg
  • WWE-2K15-Creation-Suite-Screenshot-4.jpg
  • WWE-2K15-Creation-Suite-Screenshot-1.jpg

2K also released a new video that sees Executive Producer Mark Little highlighting the newest controls and in-game features exclusive to the next-generation launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Little introduces players to the Health, Stamina and Momentum meters, which combine to deliver the most realistic depiction of a WWE match to date. He also goes on to showcase the new Chain Wrestling System, which has been introduced to increase the levels of realism within each match, while improving the overall pace and flow. Check out the video below for Little’s run through:

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