Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood DLC Exclusive To PS3

Assassins Creed Brotherhood DLC Exclusive To PS3

Well with the release of Assassins Creed Brotherhood fast approaching(November 16th) it was inevitable we would start hearing about DLC. Looks like Sony managed to get the rights to the first batch of DLC for its system and it is called The Copernicus Conspiracy and is due out November 16th as well, and the best part? Its free! If you’re like me you might of been on the fence on which system to get it for but with free DLC I’m picking it up for my ps3. The Assassins Creed Brotherhood DLC will have Ezio running courier, being an assassin, and have protection missions for Nicolaus Copernicus, which is why it is aptly named The Copernicus Conspiracy. Those of you who don’t know who Nicolaus Copernicus is he was an astronomer, and the one who made the bold claim(back in the day) that the earth revolved around the sun.

See who says you can’t learn anything from video games? Anyways what do you think? Sure its most likely just filler DLC but I already planned to get Assassins Creed Brotherhood anyways so might as well get free DLC as well.