Best Ever Sweater Features Link From The Legend Of Zelda

Best Ever Sweater Ever Features Link From The Legend Of Zelda
Quickly becoming known as “The Best Sweaters of All Time”, two Legend of Zelda sweaters have been announced. It is unclear whether Santa Claus or Shigeru Miyamoto did the knitting at this time.

I’m not gonna blow smoke here, It is me. I am the one making these sweaters known as the best of all time. Just look at them. They are the best of ever right? Seriously! They are even named fantastically with the blue jumper titled “Zelda: ‘A Link to Christmas Past” and the green sweater named “Zelda: The Legend of Santa.”

With worldwide free shipping, either sweater will set you back £39.99/€44,99/$54.99 depending on your currency and are available for preorder now from Merchoid. To reward your curiosity in a friggin sweater, here is some more #zelda #botw footage.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild releases in March of 2017 and until then, I’m going to hold my breath. Starting now.

Source: Press Release