Borderlands You’re On A Boat Trophy/Achievement

Borderlands You're On A Boat Trophy/Achievement

Gamestop recently had a sale where you could get Borderlands GOTY for 20$. So with that I figured I’d write a little guide on how to get the You’re on a boat trophy/achievement since it’s a hidden trophy/achievement. It isn’t all that difficult just off the beaten path.

There will be a point where you start doing quests in Treacher’s Landing. During the quests you won’t likely come upon You’re on a boat but with a little exploring you should be able to find it no problem. Open up your map and in the south east(bottom right of your map) corner you will see a dock kinda going off into nothing. Head to that dock and jump on the boat. You will get a chest and they You’re on a boat trophy/achievement. Pretty simple eh? But also easily missable.

So if whether you just picked up Borderlands or been playing for awhile you can getyou’re on a boat trophy/achievement. Congratulations and enjoy the game.