Clothing, Emotes, and Hideout Coming to Red Dead Online on Xbox One, PC and Stadia

Those playing Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online on the Xbox One, PC, and Stadia can take advantage of its new clothing items, emotes, and Hideout this week.

For those on the Xbox One, PC, and Stadia, four new clothing items, five new emotes, and the Beaver Hollow Hideout.

Scope out the full list for each below:


  • Salizzo Double Bandolier
  • Rulfo Boots
  • Starrett Hat
  • Gordillo Half-Chaps
  • Emotes:

    • Hat Flick
    • Howl
    • Jovial Laugh
    • Subtle Wave
    • You vs Me

    For those looking to save a bundle, there will be a 30% discount on all Weapon Barrels, Sights, Scope and Stock Upgrades (excluding Metal Engravings). In addition, this week brings with it discounts on all Pamphlets from the Fence, which allows players to craft ammunition like Fire Arrows, along with medicines like the Special Horse Reviver.

    Newer players that have reached Rank 10 by January 27 can net themselves an Offer for a generous 30% off a weapon of their choice. Those that keep the grind going and make Rank 20 before the cut-off date can also get for themselves an Offer for 30% off a horse. Those seeking out a 50% XP Boost should revisit familiar faces like Sean McGuire and Josiah Trelawny for Free Roam Missions, or can also see Horley to assist him in A Land of Opportunities.

    All Twitch Prime members that linked their Rockstar Social Club account will be able to get for themselves an extra 10% discount off of the previously listed items, along with the Collector’s Bag and the Polished Copper Moonshine Still on the house. For those on PlayStation Plus, these users can nab themselves a free colorway of the Leavitt Jacket.
    Finally, all those that verified their Social Club email address and have two-step verification set up from January 7-13 can get themselves 5 Gold Bars for the Outlaw Pass No. 2, Trader’s Butcher Table, the Bounty Hunter License, and Collector’s Bag for any items they don’t already own.

    Note that Xbox One players can now partake in all the Story Mode updates that were previously available in Red Dead Redemption 2 for the PlayStation 4, Stadia, and PC versions, which includes Photo Mode.

    Scope out the full list of updates coming to this version of the game below:

    • 3 Story Mode Bounty Hunter Missions
    • 2 Story Mode Gang Hideouts
    • 2 Story Mode Treasure Maps
    • “To The Ends of The Earth” Story Mode Mission
    • 4 Weapons Added to Story Mode
    • 7 Horse Breeds Added to Story Mode
    • 5 Hidden Trinkets Added to Story Mode
    Source: Press Release
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