Conan Exiles Will Support Hosted Servers & Game Mods

Conan Exiles
We’re less than three weeks away from the launch of the open-world survival sandbox, Conan Exiles, and recently developers Funcom revealed some details on the server models and player-controls available on externally hosted servers. Alongside the traditional official servers players will also have the opportunity to host their own servers, both publicly and privately, and enjoy a number of exciting tools and features.

  • Host a local game where you can play alone or with a small group of friends connecting directly to your game session
  • Play Online on an Official Server hosted by Funcom
  • Play Online on an Unofficial Server hosted either by yourself or another player

Players will be able to host servers on their own hardware or rent servers through PingPerfect, Funcom’s official server partner for Conan Exiles.

“The great thing about these games is that you can play them however you want. You can easily set up a server and play with your friends, and with our in-game controls you can simply adjust all aspects of your play experience to suit your playstyle whether that is turning off thirst, spawning a huge monster, or stop the day/night cycle. If you want to play all by yourself locally, you have access to the very same controls.”

Joel Bylos

Creative Director
Source: Press Release