Doomsday Vault Coming to Nintendo Switch and PC

Originally an Apple Arcade exclusive, the world of Flightless’ Doomsday Vault will make its way to the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on August 5.

This adventure puzzle game has players donning a robotic suit as the DV Robot character. Players will navigate a flooded city, break into an underground lair, and explore ancient pyramids as they set off to find precious seeds for the Vault. Engaging 3D environments are ripe for exploration, and challenging puzzles have been designed for those of all skill levels and experience. For the competitive among us, a challenge mode with races, mazes, scores and leaderboards has also been included.

Doomsday Vault Creative Director John O’Reilly stated that the team often creates game ideas that have environmental things to them. Inspiration for the game came from the idea of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault (also called the Doomsday Vault) above the Arctic Circle, a safety deposit box that features agricultural diversity. Melting ice has compromised the vault in the past, and the team considered the idea of the vault failing due to this condition. Enter this game, which plays with the idea of players setting off to gather the world’s precious seeds.

Learn more with the reveal trailer below:

Doomsday Vault – Reveal

You can also find a release trailer here:

Doomsday Vault – August Release Trailer

Source: Press Release
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