Dragon Age Inquisition: Leliana Makes Her Return

Dragon Age Inquisition: Leliana Makes Her Return

When we last saw Leliana she was with the Hero of Ferelden back in Dragon Age Origins. Now in Dragon Age Inquisition she is coming back as one of three advisers to the Inquisition. Get more details on Leliana’s return to the Dragon Age universe here!


While we were busy in Kirkwall, Leliana was off in Val Royeaux with her mentor, Divine Justinia V. Some of you might recall that Justinia saved Leliana from her former mistress, Marjolaine. Since she has returned to Justinia she has been serving as her left hand faithfully. It has been 10 years since we have seen Leliana and her personality has changed. Shes not longer a carefree chipper member, time has hardened her.

Her role in the Inquisition is that of a shadow. The Inquisition is her top priority and if anyone or anything challenges it she will deal with it. She knows if everyone is at each others throat the Inquisition will fail and so will she. She might not agree with the other members of the Chantry that are on your team but she would never confront them in front of the whole team.

Like Cullen though she is in the back of the Inquisition and won’t be joining you directly on the battlefield. Expect to use her a bit like a diplomat until things go wrong then more of an assassin. With her in the game expect some mention of the Hero of Ferelden and their adventures together.

Are you happy to see Leliana make a return in the Dragon Age universe or would you rather get some new blood? Leave a comment below and let us know!