Dragon Age Keep Now Open To All Users!

Dragon Age Keep Now Open To All Users!

The Dragon Age Keep is now in Open Beta so all players can access it. The Keep is how you will decide what story line you bring into Dragon Age Inquisition. You can recreate one you’ve already did or create a new story to bring with you. Check it out!

You can find the Dragon Age Keep here. You will need to log in with your Orgin account in order to access this. You cannot load your previous game data here and you will have to make the story yourself.

The site will let you pick a few of your heroes from the previous games and then you get a brief(10 minutes) explanation on the two games. Here you can choose some of the major outcomes of the story or you can wait until it’s over. Once it is over you can get into the gritty details of the story. Here you pick your romances, various other quest choices and some other minor things like recruiting Dog.

You can recreate a the world you made in your previous Dragon Age games or make a completely new one. Once you decide what world you want to have you can save it in the top right corner. Click the globe, go to Saved World States and click the plus to save your world. You can have multiple worlds if you want so feel free to experiment.

Now you can create any time of story you want without having to play through the previous Dragon Age games again!