Dying Light Gets New Dev Co-Op Gameplay

Dying Light Gets New Dev Co-Op Gameplay
Dying Light is less than a week away and today Techland shows off some of the co-op gameplay in a new video. The video is 4 man co-op with the dev team playing. Check out the video and get some more details here!

Dying Light Co-Op Gameplay

The video starts off with them showing off a bit of the parkour and then the action starts. They arrive at a police van they want to loot but they need to clear out the zombies first. They do that and loot the van then do a versus mission. They compete in a zombie killing mission but it didn’t show what the winner got.

After that it was night time and they were dealing with some human enemies. They try some “Seal Team 6” action and one guy falls to his death. After that they chase down the night hunter for a bit but he seems to get away. Once they arrive back at the tower the video is over. The video is only a 4 minutes so check it out below to get some more details!

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Source: Press Release