Dynasty Warriors 9 Debut Trailer Released

Dynasty Warriors 9 Debut Trailer Released
Dynasty Warriors is a very long running series, going back to the Playstation 1 days. Surprising no one, Koei Tecmo has announced Dynasty Warriors 9 is in development with a new trailer. The game is getting some serious changes, check out this article to get some more info!

Dynasty Warriors 9 Debut Trailer

The trailer is super short and is only really used to announce the game.

Outside of the trailer we got some new information about the game as well. This will be the first open world Dynasty Warriors game. I’m not sure how the historical fights and battles will work in an open world but hopefully the will pull it off. They have also mentioned they will be changing the control scheme for the game. Having played the same type of game since Dynasty Warriors 3, I am ready for a new direction. Also for anyone curious, in Japan it is Dynasty Warriors 8 because of the titles earlier in series.

There is no current release date for the game, all they have said is it is in development.