The Evil Within 2 Announced At E3

The Evil Within 2 Announced At E3
While the Bethesda E3 2017 Conference was a bit lackluster, we did The Evil Within 2 Announced there. Most people expected this to happen since The Evil Within sold so well, but we are getting it in 2017. Check out The Evil Within 2 Announcement Trailer here.

The Evil Within 2 Announced

Here is The Evil Within 2 E3 trailer.

Anyone who knows about The Evil Within already knows you are dealing with crazy monsters and weird places. This new trailer takes all that up to an 11 adding, even more, monsters and weird places. It seems like this time you are trying to save you daughter who we learned died in a fire in the first Evil Within. Not sure how that one is going to work out but the last game got really crazy so I am sure this one will too. Outside of the new monsters we also got the return of Spider Lady, one of the creepiest enemies in the last game.

The Evil Within 2 launches on October 13th, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.