The Evil Within DLC The Assignment Gets Release Date

The Evil Within The Assigment DLC - Gamers Heroes

The Evil Within The Assigment DLC – Gamers Heroes

Bethesda’s The Evil Within give the survivor horror genre a swift kick in the past last year, shaking things up with gory gameplay, a limited inventory, and that style director Shinji Mikami is known for. Wondering when the first piece of DLC for the game will make its debut? Wonder no more.

Set to come out in March, The Assignment is the first of three planned DLC chapters for The Evil Within. The story this time revolves around Detective Castellanos’ partner Juli Kidman. Not much is known about the story right now — only that it will be followed up by the future DLC chapters The Consequence and The Keeper. All three chapters can be purchased as part of a season pass.

You can find a teaser trailer for the game below:

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