Final Fantasy I, II, And III Pixel Remasters Coming July 29

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy I, II, And III Pixel Remasters will make their way to mobile platforms and the PC via Steam on July 29, 2021.

Each of these releases will feature redrawn 2D pixel character and background graphics, with character pixel designs done by Kazuko Shibuya. Series Composer Nobuo Uematsu has rearranged the soundtracks, and gameplay has improved. Finally, a bestiary, illustration gallery, music player, and the ability to save at any time have also been included.

Learn more with the promotional trailer below:


According to the “Father of Final Fantasy” Hironobu Sakaguchi:

“When working on the originals, I didn’t think that the FINAL FANTASY series would be remastered almost 35 years later. The video game industry had only just been established. So, with nobody else leading the way, we had to keep moving forward at the front line. I remember how we went through a lot of trial and error at that time. I’m very happy and grateful that Final Fantasy has continued for such a long period of time.”

Final Fantasy Brand Manager and Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Yoshinori Kitase adds:

“Every time a new Final Fantasy title is released, I think there are those who want to return to the origin of the series. This project began because we wanted to create a convenient way for fans and new players to enjoy these original classics, with consistent graphics and a unified user interface.”

Finally, series composer Nobuo Uematsu stated the following:

“We are rearranging all the music tracks this time. One of the first ideas I had was to make sure to stay faithful to the originals, but of course I couldn’t just leave it in the original 3-tone sound, so they have been built up into full-scale tracks. I have made sure that the original atmosphere has been retained and each can be listened to as separate music pieces, so that fans can enjoy.”

Pre-purchasing the titles on Steam will allow players to receive two exclusive wallpapers, three music tracks, and a 20% discount on each respective title. Note that all six titles are also available for pre-purchase as the Final Fantasy I-VI Bundle for a further discount.

Source: Press Release
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