Final Fantasy XV Death Spell Announced During Twitchcon

Final Fantasy XV Death Wish Announced During Twitchcon

Square-Enix continued their onslaught of Final Fantasy XV coverage during Twitchcon this past weekend. Death Spell is the latest spell to be announced for the upcoming sequel.

The video shows Noctis using the Ring of the Lucii to cast a Death Spell on his enemies. If the spell is familiar it is because Death has been a series mainstay as far back as the first Final Fantasy game on NES. Purchasable to use, “Rub” is a level 6 death spell for the Black Mage/Wizard. Although I remember it never working, a spell has continued to find its way into subsequent sequels in the form of “Kill”, “Fatal” and, “Doom.”

Final Fantasy XV – Death Spell

During the video shown at Twitchcon you can see Noctis take out multiple targets not included in the above gif. Additionally Noctis seems to become vulnerable once he initiates casting adding a layer of gameplay skill to the execution of the Death spell. What remains unclear but should be heavily assumed is whether the spell works on everything or if some enemies and bosses are excluded. In past Final Fantasy games the Death spell is used by certain enemies and nullified by most bosses immunity to various status ailments including instant death.

Either way, expect Square Enix to continue their fever pitch of info drops in the weeks to come before the launch on PS4 and Xbox One November 30, 2016. You can check out 60 minutes of gameplay here and make sure and checkout the video below.