Frostpunk Book Anthology Announced

The world of 11 bit studios’ Frostpunk will expand with an anthology of micro-novels that are set in its universe.

Polish writer Jacek Dukaj (“Ice,” “Other Songs”) has been tasked with bringing the world of Frostpunk to life. to bring it to life. In fact, Frostpunk’s Lead Game Director Jakub Stokalski stated that “Ice” was one of the original inspirations for Frostpunk.

Jacek Dukaj said the following:

“This collection is, I hope, the beginning of the expansion of two kinds. For Frostpunk as the universe and vehicle of ideas heading into other media and conventions, and for the Polish literature, with all its richness and specificity, that boosted the success of the local gaming industry to some extent. It’s time for another spin of inspiration.

In Frostpunk, I have noticed a continuity of imagination and reflection about the society, about the relationship of the individual to power, and about the mechanisms of history that characterized Polish sociological science-fiction literature. Directly or indirectly, Frostpunk draws from Janusz Zajdel, Edmund Wnuk-Lipinski, and Maciej Parowski. Although it is set in the British realities, its uniqueness and global success stem from the Polish literary tradition.

And this is how we approach the anthology. It is not about creating an illustration for the game but about a purely literary approach to the key topics in Frostpunk: as a game experience as well as a world that we inhabit in our imagination. As a result, it also acquires richness and depth; it has a life of its own.

The novellas are being created by a group of talented Polish and foreign writers. As the work progresses and details are set, we will reveal the names of the authors and further information. The book will accompany Frostpunk all over the world. At the same time, Polish and English versions are being written.”

Alongside this news, the team also announced that all in-house projects across 11 bit studios’ three teams will now be developed using Unreal Engine.

You can see teasers for both below:

Unreal Engine For All Our Future Projects

A Tease Of Things To Come…

Source: Press Release
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