Grand Theft Auto Online Heist DLC Features Leak

Grand Theft Auto Online Heists

New information has surfaced today that suggests the long-awaited Heists DLC update for Grand Theft Auto Online could indeed arrive before Christmas with a leaked December 23rd release date alongside some new details on potential features & missions. GTA V players have been waiting for the Heists DLC content since the release of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions but over a year on, they’re still waiting.

According to the leak the Heist update will release on PS3 and PS4 on December 23rd at 5am EST while the Xbox versions will release a little later, 10:30am EST. The update will introduce a new Heist menu and social-club leaderboard that will let players track progress on past Heists as well as additional information on Heists they’ve yet to attempt.

Also claimed to be in the update:

  • 6 Heist missions in 4 unique locations.
  • 5 Cops and Crooks missions in 4 unique locations.
  • Improved anti-cheat methods. Some code for this is included in the DLC, but is not associated with the Heist feature itself
  • Three brand new vehicles. The names of these vehicles are still identified by their Dev tag and are not yet finalized but the approximate vehicle class is; Sports Classic and Sports.
  • Brand new Apartment – CCTV function with two AI-characters in your apartment running them. This feature is available for current-generation only.
  • Three Heist-themed clothing items – these items are still identified by their Dev tag but are the following types; Special Outfit (available from the counter).
  • Two Cops and Crooks-themed masks. These mask items are available in current-generation only.
  • BZ Gas will now be purchasable from Ammu-Nation but can only be used in Heist missions – you are responsible for stocking-up on these and if you run out, your team mates will need to complete that objective for you.
  • 5 new hairstyles – these are still identified by their Dev tag.
  • 2 new contact lenses – these are still identified by their Dev tag.
  • Additional matchmaking for Heist missions between Crews – this is a feature implemented in 1.17 but will be activated in 1.19/1.05.