H1Z1 – The Outbreak Begins January 15th

Sony Online Entertainment today announced the Early Access release of the highly anticipated post-apocalyptic zombie survival MMO game, H1Z1. The announcement followed an announcement informing players of the original announcement…

H1Z1 will be available to purchase under the Steam Early Access program on January 15th 2015, priced at $19.99. Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley broke the news via a post on the official H1Z1 Reddit, which is currently unavailable due to heavy traffic. He also discussed a more expensive digital purchase options but did not go into any detail regarding the price. He did state however that it would give access to additional modes and some features not available in the cheaper package.


Following the announcement the team at SOE took to Twitch.TV to showcase some of the improvements made to the game, including an entirely reworked sound and audio engine.

H1Z1 Early Access Screenshots

  • H1Z1-Screenshot-5.jpg
  • H1Z1-Screenshot-4.jpg
  • H1Z1-Screenshot-3.jpg
  • H1Z1-Screenshot-2.jpg
  • H1Z1-Screenshot-1.jpg

You can read the announcement in full, when Reddit returns to normality anyway, here.

Source: Press Release