For Honor Closed Beta Date Announced

For Honor Closed Beta Date Announced
For Honor is getting closer and closer to release but before that, we are getting a Closed Beta. Today, Ubisoft announced the Closed Beta date and brought a new trailer out with it. Check out this article to find out the For Honor Closed Beta Date!

For Honor Closed Beta Date

Here is the new trailer that goes along with the Closed Beta trailer.

It is a cinematic trailer that kind of vase a Dark Souls vibe to it. At the end they show the release date for the closed beta, which is January 26. You can sign up for the beta still, if you haven’t already, right here. Anyone who plays in the Closed Beta will get some new items when the real game launches. It is a battle between factions for supremacy. The faction that wins the battle will get even more rewards it seems, but the rewards are still currently unknown. You can start earning credits now by looking at the rewards page and answering some questions. The credits will be used in-game to buy chests and new equipment.

For Honor releases February 14th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.