For Honor Introduces The Lawbringer

For Honor Introduces The Lawbringer
Following the For Honor trailer of the Nobushi Samurai yesterday, Ubisoft released The Lawbringer trailer today. Stacked with heavy armor and a long weapon, the Lawbringer will be a great counter to any long range fighters. Check out the For Honor The Lawbringer trailer here and get our impressions.

For Honor The Lawbringer Trailer

Here is the trailer for The Lawbringer.

Coming equipped with a Poleaxe, The Lawbringer can get the jump on almost any fighter with its range. Not only does it have a long weapon, but it also has some of the best armor the Knights have to offer. I loved the first Knight I played during the Alpha, but now I really want to try The Lawbringer.

Check out the For Honor Beta on January 26th and check out the full game on February 14, 2017 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Source: Press Release