InFAMOUS 2 Contest Now Open

InFAMOUS 2 Contest Now Open

Infamous 2 is having a mission designer contest and they want you to take part in it. Infamous 2 is due out June 7th and the winner of the mission designer contest will have their level put into the actual game! Find out how here!

Okay so here are the details on the mission designer contest for Infamous 2. First off you have to applyhere by march 21st(better get moving) then click the Sign up for UGC beta. After you put all your info and what not Sucker Punch will select some winners on April 12th to start making levels.

I think it would be pretty sweet to have your own level in Infamous 2 and know that you made it. I’m sure that you will be in the credits as well. So give it a shot and hope for the best!

  • CaptainCamper

    Have to give this a shot, sounds like fun 😀