Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] and Final Fantasy Record Keeper Get Crossover Event

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Square-Enix and DeNA announced that a crossover event is coming to both Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] and Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

The following promotions will happen in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]:

  • FINAL FANTASY Avatar parts: Players can obtain exclusive avatar parts and dress up their characters as classic FINAL FANTASY jobs for the first time.
  • Collaboration Multiplayer Battle (February 23 – March 9): A special Heartless boss inspired by an iconic FINAL FANTASY villain awaits players in battle during this special Union Cross multiplayer event.
  • Raid Battle (March 5 – March 11): This collaboration raid event brings a special Heartless to the world of KINGDOM HEARTS.
  • “Super Difficult” Battle Challenge (March 7 – March 9): Hardcore players seeking an additional challenge are invited to test their skills to defeat a powerful Heartless.
  • FINAL FANTASY: Record Keeper Gauntlet Challenge (February 22 – March 8): Players who complete all 20 stages in this limited-time event will not only receive numerous rewards, but also help all FINAL FANTASY: Record Keeper players obtain additional in-game login bonuses.
  • Event-exclusive pixel art medals and more.

The following rewards will come to Final Fantasy Record Keeper from February 22 to March 8:

  • New Playable Characters – Sora and Riku: Awarded after completing the “Destiny Islands – Seashore” dungeon.

  • New Outfits – New Kingdom Hearts Wardrobe Records for Cloud, Squall (Leon) and Tyro will be awarded to players who complete various event dungeons.
You can view a trailer regarding this collaboration below:

Kingdom Hearts Union Cross x Final Fantasy Record Keeper Collaboration

Source: Press Release