League Of Legends Can Be Fatal: Man Dies After 23 Hour Marathon

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Most of us have been guilty of putting in a little too much time on our favorite gaming titles, however, one Korean man took it a little too far after playing League of Legends for 23 hours. 23yr old Chen Rong-yu, arrived at a popular internet cafe at 10pm and paid to use the internet for 23 hours. He passed away sometime after, but wasn’t discovered until 9am the following morning.

The internet cafe was full of customers, at least 9 people were in the cafe when the police arrived but not even a dead body in the stage of rigor mortis was enough to distract the customers from their internet activities. The body was discovered after the waitress approached Mr Chen to tell him his 23 hours were up, it was only at that point did she realize his face had turned dark and his body had gone stiff

“I thought that he was only dozing off and paid no particular attention,” is what she told the police afterward. The good news, League of Legends has not been attributed as the cause of death, the investigation so far has indicated that the man may have died of organ failure or cardiac arrest, as evidence showed he was due an appointment at the hospital several days after the incident.