Legendary Bounty Philip Carlier Now in Red Dead Online

The secluded swamp-dweller Philip Carlier is the latest Legendary Bounty to hit Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online.

Wanted for embezzlement and murder, this Legendary Bounty has been deemed extremely volatile. Those who are still interested can take on this bounty by grabbing his wanted poster at any sheriff’s office. Make sure to revisit the Bounty Board again after a brief period of time to replay this mission at a higher difficulty.

To ring in the Halloween season, a number of masks can be yours in Red Dead Online. Both the Freak Mask and the Swine Mask are available for a limited time. Note that those who are in any of the three Specialist Roles will get a free mask, with Bounty Hunters getting a variant of the Creature Mask, Traders getting an exclusive Swine Mask, and Collectors getting an exclusive Masquerade Mask.

Outlaw Pass holders that hit Club Rank 10 will get an exclusive variation of the Freak Mask. For the Club Rank 20 Outlaw Pass holders, they will get this mask alongside an exclusive variation of The Horror Mask. Finally, players that jump into GTA Online by December 12 can get themselves a unique colorway of the Slaughter Mask.

This week’s Free Aim Series is Make It Count. This will have players utilizing only a Bow and Arrow or Throwing Knives to take down their opponents in a shrinking area.

Those looking to cash in on Madam Nazar’s Weekly Collectible List will be able to deliver the Cheaters Suit. By tracking down the King of Cups, Queen of Wands, and Ace of Pentacles, they will then be able to sell (or mail through the Post Office) as a full set by October 29 for a reward.

All those playing Red Dead Online this week will net themselves an additional 2,000 Club XP.
This goes alongside a 30% XP Boost towards your progress in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club and The Outlaw Pass on a swath of activities, which includes the following:

  • All A Land of Opportunities Missions
  • All Free Roam Missions
  • Shootout Series
  • Takeover Series
  • Elimination Series
  • Race Series

Bounty Hunter:

  • All Bounty Missions, including Legendary Bounties and Player Bounties
  • Manhunt and Day of Reckoning Free Roam Events
  • Bounty Hunter Daily Challenges


  • Trader Sell Missions
  • Trade Route Free Roam Event
  • Trader Daily Challenges


  • Collector: Collecting Arrowheads
  • Collector: Collecting Tarot Cards
  • Collector: Collecting Lost Jewelry
  • Collector: Weekly Collectible List – Cheaters Suit
  • Collector: All Full Collectors Set Sales
  • Condor Egg & Salvage Free Roam Events
  • Collector Daily Challenges

Finally, all PlayStation Plus members that log in and play from now to November 4 will get themselves an exclusive colorway of the Killiman Vest. Those who connect their Social Club account with Twitch Prime will receive the Bounty Hunter license for free.

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