Mafia III Worldwide Premiere Trailer Tomorrow, August 5th

Mafia III News
Mafia III is set and ready for an exciting worldwide premiere tomorrow at Gamescom as 2K announce the upcoming release of a trailer on August 5th at 1PM BST. Mafia III is the next addition to the critically acclaimed series, immersing players into a world of organized crime through the careful combination of detailed storytelling and characters alongside an incredibly crafted game world inspired by the times with historically accurate cars, music and fashion.

In addition to the exciting trailer debuting tomorrow 2K will also feature a behind-closed-doors presentation at the Gamescom event, giving a select few the opportunity to sample the games goodies behind the scenes.

The announcement didn’t include any information on platforms but it’s safe to assume Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms will all be revealed. Further information is also available on the website as Hangar 13 have been confirmed as the new development team.

Stay tuned for the trailer tomorrow at 1PM BST.

Source: Press Release