Marvel VS Capcom Adds Two Fighters

Marvel VS Capcom Adds Two Fighters

Marvel vs Capcom has been teasing us with new fighters since it was first announced and now we get two more. I was expecting Akuma but the addition of Taskmaster was not foreseen by me, but is welcomed for sure.

For those of you who don’t know Akuma comes from Street Fighter and Taskmaster comes from the Marvel universe(Deadpool’s nemesis). The final count ends up being 36 characters with some questionable ones and some that simply had to be added due to the series long delay from 2-3. Even though 36 is the final number on the disk their is potential for DLC fighters if the fans demand it. They could just be saving the best for last(or for some extra cash).

Akuma fights a lot like Ryu or Ken from Street Fighter using high kicks and purple Hadoukens.

Taskmaster has a bow, sword, and shield so no telling who he will play at the moment.

Anyways look for this game to come out next month February 15, 2011! See you at the fights.