Mojang Win The Interim Injunction Against Bethesda!

Mojang Win The Interim Injunction Against Bethesda!
Markus Persson has just announced on his twitter today that Mojang had won the interim injunction between Bethesda. Which means that Mojang can keep using the name ‘Scrolls’ for their upcoming card game. Bethesda can still appeal the ruling but Mojang is very happy of the outcome.

Earlier this month, Bethesda vice president Pete Hines publicly commented on the dispute claiming that Mojang’s comments had not “given a complete picture” of the situation, and that he hoped it would all be over soon.

Written by Guest Hero SuperJug

  • Mary Fohr

    I would never rent from mojang. They rip you off. My grandson rented a game and I was charged twice. I have repeatedly tried to contact them with no satisfaction. It has been almost a month and I still do not have my money back. What a headache.