Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Frontier Z For PS4

Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Frontier Z For PS4
Capcom announced today Monster Hunter Frontier Z for PS4. Updating the franchise for PS4, Capcom hopes to reach the zenith of online action play.

If this sounds all too familiar, there is good reason. Two titles in the franchise have been released including Monster Hunter Frontier G on PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Windows PC and Monster Hunter Frontier Online on Xbox 360 and Windows PC. Both titles were never released outside of Japan and no announcement has been made about western localization.

Check out the released Screenshots and Announcement video below.

  • MonsterHunterFrontierZ-1.jpg
  • MonsterHunterFrontierZ-2.jpg
  • MonsterHunterFrontierZ-3.jpg
  • MonsterHunterFrontierZ-4.jpg
  • MonsterHunterFrontierZ-5.jpg
  • MonsterHunterFrontierZ-6.jpg
  • MonsterHunterFrontierZ-7.jpg
  • MonsterHunterFrontierZ-8.jpg
  • MonsterHunterFrontierZ-9.jpg
  • MonsterHunterFrontierZ-10.jpg
  • MonsterHunterFrontierZ-11.jpg
  • MonsterHunterFrontierZ-12.jpg
  • MonsterHunterFrontierZ-13.jpg
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  • MonsterHunterFrontierZ-15.jpg
  • MonsterHunterFrontierZ-16.jpg
  • MonsterHunterFrontierZ-17.jpg

The latest in the monster slaying franchise releases in Japan on November 22, 2016.