Moonlight Sculptor Hits One Million Downloads

Kakao Games and XL Games announced today that Moonlight Sculptor has hit the million download milestone on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Done in just nine days, its launch also saw the game hit #1 on Google Play in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, #2 in the Philippines, and #5 in the United States. Meanwhile, Moonlight Sculptor on the Apple App Store made its debut at #1 in Singapore, and #2 in Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Starting today, all those that dive in can get themselves the following when they log in:

  • 200,000 Gold
  • Radiant Goddess’s Blessing (7 Days)
  • Gold Increase Elixir (7 Days)
  • Item Acquisition Rate Increase Elixir (7 Days)
  • Premium Buddy Feed (7 Days)
  • Versa’s Grace (1 Hour) x5
  • Superior HP/MP Recovery Potion x200
  • Hogan’s Armor Chest (Event)
  • Hogan’s Accessory Chest (Event)

For 10 days after the June 8th maintenance, there will be another reward given out daily to players who log in consecutively to claim these items:

  • Precious Lunarium Chest x5
  • Blessed Weapon Enchant Scroll x3
  • Enchant Protectant x15
  • Blessed Weapon Enchant Scroll x6
  • Gold x200,000
  • Enchant Scroll Chest x10
  • Intermediate Option Stone Chest x3
  • Advanced Enrage Elixir x30
  • Precious Lunarium Chest x5
  • Mysterious Buddy Egg x1

During this period, players will also receive Gold acquisition chance +20% and + Item acquisition chance +20% twice a day for a duration of two to three hours each.

Source: Press Release
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