The Evil Within Trailer Showcases The ABCs of Survival

The Evil Within - Gamers Heroes

The Evil Within – Gamers Heroes

Fall is in the air, and with the chilly air comes a deluge of horror-themed video games. Bethesda and Tango Softworks’ The Evil Within is looking to lead the pack with a survival horror game from director Shinji Mikami. Those wondering what this horror-obsessed creator has in store are in luck — a new trailer has arrived.

The latest trailer for The Evil Within, “Every Last Bullet,” shows a day in the life of Detective Sebastian Castellanos. As he uncovers the mystery behind the terror of Crimson City, he must make the most of his situation. Limited ammo, traps, and enemies that won’t stay dead might pose a threat, but resources like The Asylum are there to upgrade Castellanos’ abilities.

The Evil Within will come out in the US and Europe on October 14th for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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