New Fallout 4 Trailer Shows You What Role Agility Will Play In The Wasteland

With Fallout 4 rapidly approach, Bethesda launches another trailer to let us know about the Agility stat. Agility will help you with your accuracy and give you more Vats control. Check out the new Fallout 4 trailer to help you decided if you will be using Agility or not.

The starts off showing a human transforming with into a ghoul and losing their humanity. Then you get to see How Vats would work without Agility bonuses and with Agility Bonuses. You have higher chance to hit in Vats with more Agility and also hit more targets with Agility. Higher Agility will also increase you dodge chance, increases the chance enemies will miss you. It will also increase how well stealth works for you and help with sneak attacks on enemies.

The perks look like you will let you do sneak attacks on sleeping targets (sandman Perk), increase your reload speed and gives you bonus damage to additional targets in Vats. Agility will help out with gun play in general for those of you who use small arms!

Fallout 4 releases worldwide on November 10th, 2015 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.