Octopath Traveler Release Date Revealed

Octopath Traveler Release Date
During the March 8th Nintendo Direct we learned the release date of a ton of Nintendo Switch games. One of those games was Octopath Traveler, the upcoming 2D RPG by Square Enix. Check out this article to see the release date video and get the release date.

Octopath Traveler Release Date Revealed

Here is the new video for Ocotopath Traveler.

In the video we are introduced to two new characters, Tressa the Merchant and Alfyn the Apothecary. Being a Merchant, Tressa can buy unique items from most citizens of the realm that other characters cannot buy from. Alfyn on the other hand wants to heal the worlds sick people and can use the skill Inquire. This will allow him to learn things from citizens of the towns that others might not have access to. Also revealed is the Job system. You will be allowed to mix and match your characters classes to make different skills and combos. For example you can mix a warrior and an apothecary for healing and strength attacks.

Octopath Traveler launches on July 13th 2018 for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Press Release