Open Wheel Race Series Now in GTA Online

The latest vehicle-based competitive mode for the title, the Open Wheel Race Series begins today in Rockstar Games’ GTA Online.

With support for up to 16 players, the high speed track-based car racing of the Open Wheel Race Series tasks players with making tactical tire choices, performing tight cornering maneuvers, and making pit stops in an effort to make every last second count.

Players can race with either the Progen PR4 or the Ocelot R88, and will have full visual and performance customization options at their disposal, including front and rear wings, wheels, tires, and racing liveries.

Note that the Open Wheel Racing Series will feature its own unique, brand-new driving mechanics. Players will be able to choose between Hard, Medium, and Soft tires in the pre-race lobby, which vary based on their grip and their handling in wet and dry conditions.

Vehicles in this mode will also have the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) installed, which gives players the chance to utilize a burst of engine power with a click in of the left analog stick. For those looking to get ahead, players can regenerate KERS by braking their way through corners.

Just be warned that vehicles in this mode will take damage when colliding with the environment or others, and resetting your vehicle will not repair it. Rather, to minimize the risk of encountering negative handling, players must utilize pit lanes to replace worn tires and repair any damage.

All those interested in diving into this mode can find it either under the “Jobs” tab in the Online Menu, or by simply driving up to the Open Wheel Race Series icon on the map (found near Los Santos International Airport). The Host for each event will be able to select the length of the race (in intervals of five laps, up to 25 laps total), along with the time of day and the weather conditions and

You can find a list of the races below:


  • Open Wheel – In Due Course
  • Open Wheel – Urban Renewal
  • Open Wheel – New Wave
  • Open Wheel – More Haste More Speed
  • Open Wheel – Lap it Up
  • Open Wheel – Brace for Impact
  • Open Wheel – Height of Society
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