PayDay 2 CrimeWave Heading To Next-Generation Consoles

PayDay 2 News
505 Games and Overkill Software recently announced that the award-winning co-operative first-person shooter, PayDay 2, will be infiltrating the next-generation consoles with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases of PayDay 2: Crimewave Edition. The Crimewave Edition promises to deliver endless hours of heist entertainment including an array of enhanced features and a huge SWAG bag of new bonus content.

The award-winning PayDay 2 casts players as a member of the infamous PayDay crew as their attempt some of the most dangerous heists of their career utilizing the new system, a complete overhaul of the original matchmaking feature that gives players the option of selecting which mission they wish to attempt alongside other elements such as difficulty.

Designed from the ground up to be the ultimate four player, co-operative experience, PAYDAY 2 features four new skill trees — the charismatic Mastermind, the heavy Enforcer, the gadget-crazy Technician and the super stealthy Ghost — which, alongside a versatile weapon modification system and all new mask creator, gives players the chance to live out their fantasy of being a career criminal.

For more information check out the official website or take a look at our PayDay 2 review on the PC.

Source: Press Release