PlayStation 5 User Experience Detailed

Ahead of its launch next month, Sony has revealed more information as to what players can expect with the PlayStation 5 user experience.

Completely centered around the player, the new user experience features a new Control Center. This center provides immediate access to almost everything once the PlayStation button on the DualSense controller is pressed in-game.

In addition, the new Activities feature allows players to discover new gameplay opportunities, backtrack to things one may have missed, or even jump directly into challenges or levels. Select Activities can also be put into a picture-in-picture mode.

To make sure navigation is quick, the entire software stack (from the console to the network) has been rebuilt. This means that navigating the interface, switching between games, and hopping into online play is a speedy affair and ensuring that players will spend less time waiting to interact with each element.

Learn more with the video walkthrough for the user experience below. Though what is shown is a pre-production environment, it should give fans a general idea as to what is to come in November.

First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience

The PlayStation 5 console will launch on November 12, 2020.