Pokémon and 3DS Help Nintendo Top Hardware And Software Sales Charts In July

Nintendo News
A brand new Monster Hunter, the smash success of Pokémon Go, price drops for hardware and a back library full of great content led to huge success for Nintendo in July. According to the NPD Group the 3DS held the top spot for both Hardware and Software for the month of July 2016. This means that in North America it was Nintendo, not Sony or Microsoft that led the charge.

With the huge success of the Pokémon Go, the core Pokémon series saw a major uptick in sales. The entire 3DS Pokémon lineup saw increases year over year with a 200% boost for both Pokémon X, and Y respectively. For reference X and Y were released in October of 2013.

Smartly reducing the Price to $79.99 for the 2DS, Nintendo also saw the would be little brother to the 3DS hit 2 million lifetime sales in the United States. Coupled with the impending release of multiple Nintendo Selects containing the likes of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it’s clear that Nintendo is getting aggressive with their sales strategy.

Leading the lineup was Capcom’s latest: Monster Hunter Generations taking the top Software spot in July. Holdovers Overwatch and Uncharted 4 both took top 5 spots but a weak July lineup ultimately contributed to the success for Nintendo.


Source: Press Release