PS4 Slim Leaked

PS4 Slim Leaked
The PS4 Slim has leaked. As of this writing Gumtree has it available for £295 which probably translates to $385.20 USD.

This lines up perfectly for the PS4 Neo announcement next month as they will have to charge more for their new 4K console. Lowering the price now only positions them to be able to charge a premium at launch. According to the leaked image the new PS4 slim will come with 500GB of storage. It would seem this console will be available without any sort of PlayStation Plus or Game content but at the price I am sure that won’t be an issue.

PS4 Slim Leaked

This picture was made available on Polygon via the seller and shows the PS4 unboxed in all its glory. Can you get it off the carpet though? Rookie.

With the PS4 NEO console announcement next month on September 7th, stay tuned to Gamers Heroes for more.

Source: Gumtree
  • Masa

    Hmm. Looks nice! As much as I’d like a PS4 now and would like to pay as low as for this console, I can’t wait to see the PS4 Neo. I’m used to waiting for the best possible versions of consoles despite paying a higher price, so just gonna have to save up for that.