R-Type Final 2 Coming Spring 2021

The legendary side-scrolling shmup series R-Type will make its return with NIS America’s R-Type Final 2 in Spring of 2021.

Featuring 3D graphics and modernized game features, R-Type Final 2 will encapsulate the colorful visuals and frenetic shooter action the series is known for. Much like other entries, a gameplay loop and its “Force” mechanic will add to its depth and replayability.

The difficulty system in this particular title is performance based, tailored to each player’s individual experience. A worldwide leaderboard that allows players to compare scores with one another and rise to the top has also been included.

Each ship loadout can also be customized, with the types of weapons, decals, and even coloring adjustable. Players can also choose from dozens of different pilots, with many dating back to previous entries in the series from decades and console generations ago.

Learn more with the announcement trailer below:

R-Type® Final 2 – Announcement Trailer (PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC)

The game will come out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and will feature both English and Japanese audio.

Source: Press Release