Rime Launch Trailer Released

Rime Release Trailer Released
Rime is releasing tomorrow and with it we get a new Launch trailer. For anyone one the fence about the game, you can use the trailer to find out more about Rime. Check out the trailer and get more details here.

Rime Launch Trailer

Here is the trailer.

The trailer shows off some of the beautiful art style and parts of the world. You also see some light puzzle game play, which you can expect more of in the game. Befriending a fox and exploring the island and it’s mysteries will be mainly what Rime is about. Unlike most of exploration indie games you will also be able to swim while you explore, making it easier for you to find ancient ruins. Last note, the sound track sounds good as well.

Rime releases May 26th for Windows PC, PlayStation4, and Xbox One. A Switch version has been announced but there is no release date for it currently.