River City: Knights of Justice Launches on Nintendo 3DS

River City Knights of Justice - Gamers Heroes
The world of River City meets the world of RPGs with Natsume’s River City: Knights of Justice, out today for the Nintendo 3DS.

River City: Knights of Justice has series mainstay Kunio using swords, staves, and magic on his quest to bring peace to the medieval land of Riverandia. After the rainbow-colored Crystal Tower was enveloped in darkness several years ago, the lone knight Alexander Valford appeared after rumors of a savior started to spread.

The game includes multiple allies, more than 100 quests, multiple story paths, and a number of unique weapons.

You can view some screenshots of the game below:

  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-1.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-2.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-3.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-4.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-5.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-6.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-7.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-8.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-9.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-10.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-11.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-12.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-13.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-14.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-15.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-16.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-17.jpg
  • River-City-Knights-of-Justice-Gamers-Heroes-18.jpg

Developed by Arc System Works, the game is available on the eShop for $14.99.

Source: Press Release