Sam Raimi Directs ‘The Last of Us’ Movie

The Last of Us news

The man responsible for Spider-Man and Oz: The Great and Powerful, will also direct ‘The Last of Us’. Creative Director Neil Druckmann announced this during BAFTA 2014, where the game won five prizes.

It’s yet unknown if the game will star crowd favorites Joel and Ellie, or if new roles will be cast. Druckmann said, however, that the movie will definitely be an adaptation of the game. He was careful not to provide specifics, as only the foundation of the movie is currently laid out.

Three companies will work together to create this film: Naughty Dog; Screen Gems, an affiliated company of Columbia Pictures; and Raimi’s own firm, Ghost House Pictures but Troy Baker, the voice of Joel, stated that he could easily imagine Josh Brolin as a male actor in the movie.

Many aspects may change in the next few months, as the film has not yet started pre-production. Regardless, we’re in for a treat with a ‘The Last of Us’ movie. And hey, Uwe Boll isn’t in charge, so what’s the worst that could happen?