Sci-Fi Space Survival Game Hellion Now On Steam Early Access

Zero Gravity today announced the debut of the first-person space survival game Hellion as the long-awaited title hits Steam Early Access and is available to buy for $24.99/£19.99/€22.99. The physics based solar system welcomes new explorers with a harsh reality of surviving in a desolate wasteland faced with the challenges of finding limited resources amidst the constant threat of conflict from other players.

Physics are at the backbone of Hellion as every in-game object, from planets and moons to ships and space stations, is powered by Newtonian physics and full orbital mechanics – providing one of the most realistic space sim experiences for the survival genre.

Launching Hellion on Steam Early Access is a big step forward for us. The PC player base is extremely varied and demanding so having access to it during the development process allows us shape Hellion into what sci-fi fans really want”.

Marko Smiljanic, Creative Director at Zero Gravity

The initial Early Access build for Hellion offers players the opportunity to explore and salvage derelict station modules as they search for unique parts and resources to upgrade equipment and improve base facilities.

For more information, or to pick up Hellion, check out the official Steam page.

Source: Press Release
  • Masa

    Out of all early-access games, this one is one I’ve been looking forward to the most! I have always been a big sci-fi fan, so this will be a game I hope to try out as soon as I get the time.

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