Selfie Invasion Latest Info From Watch Dogs 2

Selfie Invasion Latest Info From Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft is intent to keep Watch Dogs 2 relevant daily leading to the release. New info trailer released.

Checking out the link led me to an experience unlike any other. Here I was able to upload an image to their database and what came was unexpected, kinda? Not really. This is the sort of fluff you expect from a AAA game company intent on selling you their video game. Watch Dogs 2 seems adequate enough of a sequel to gain my interest before this kind of drivel. According to David Maynor, Creative Consultant on hacker tools, techniques, and culture, “Selfies could be thought of as taking your own mug shot… these pictures can be mined for behavior and lifestyle indicators over time.” So basically, Ubisoft is really doubling down on the hacker vs the system world they have created for their upcoming game.

In the website selfie tracker program you basically upload a selfie picture of yourself to this website that then checks it against apparent online information available to anyone with a little know how. But actually it doesn’t. In reality it is nothing more than made up information to feed those starved for Watch Dogs 2 content.

Is there anyone interested? I don’t know but if you are go check this out now here. You can also check out more of our Watch Dogs 2 coverage here on Or just check out the video below and wait for Watch Dogs 2 to release on PS4 and Xbox One 15th of November and PC 29th November.

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