Star Ocean: Integrity of Faithlessness Livestream Event Today

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness News
Square Enix will today launch the first episode in their new Star Log series via Twitch.TV in an official livestream event that will showcase some of the exciting features and in-depth characters in the highly anticipated Star Ocean: Integrity of Faithlessness. The Star Log event will take place on the developers official Twitch.TV channel beginning at 4PM Pacific, 7PM EST, 11PM GMT.

The team will provide viewers with the first big reveal of information for Star Ocean: integrity of Faithlessness as they introduce players to the story surrounding the next installment in the critically acclaimed franchise as well as debuting the main characters of the game.

Square Enix will also take time to answer questions put forward by the Star Ocean community so be sure to tune in today, 4PM Pacific.

Source: Press Release